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Most Viral Ice Ball Roller for Face Massage

Most Viral Ice Ball Roller for Face Massage

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 Facial Massage Ice Ball Face Massager Ball Ice Face Roller Crystal Eyes Massager

Rolling to massage skin, tighten skin, improve eye bag and canthus fine lines. Improve skin blood circulation, promote the removal of harmful substances from the skin. Soothe and repair skin, help to solve skin problems such as rough skin, coarse pores. Remove excess heat in moderation, relieve skin tension and fatigue, keep skin in good condition.

  • Efficacy: When it is used,Ice eye roller can temporarily stay in inflammation and skin problem areas to increase the effect
  • Features: The principle of alternating hot and cold when face massager roller rolling makes skin care products quickly penetrate the skin and accelerate absorption
  • Beauty tool:Crystal face massager is a tool for daily skin care and skin care product introduction.Ice face ball roller is a must-have product for beauty institutions and individuals
  • Material:Ice face massager is made of glass, which is safe and harmless to the skin
  • Application site:Face massager ball can be used for face, neck, shaving and acupuncture massage.


Please Note - Do not put into the refrigerator when not in use.

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