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Hair Coloring Sponge Shadow Powder Stick

Hair Coloring Sponge Shadow Powder Stick

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Hair filler sponge is soft and easy to colour, instantly covers grey hair and will not damage the hair’s essence.

  • 3 In 1 Hair Touch Up sponge : 3 in 1 hairline shading sponge can be used not only as hairline   sponge, but also as eyebrow   sponge, shadow decoration. Small and portable, easy to carry, suitable for pocket or bag.
  • Natural Ingredients : Hair filler   sponge is mainly made of natural beeswax, the   sponge powder is soft and easy to color, instantly covers gray hair and will not damage the hair's essence.
  • Waterproof and Long Lasting : Natural hair filler   sponge is sweatproof, waterproof and oil-proof, keeping hair dry and lasting all day! The hairline shading   sponge is soft, easy to apply and covers gray hair.
  • Effectively covers white hair roots and blends seamlessly with natural hair color for a quick revitalization.
  • Root Touch Up   sponge: Hair shading sponge pen is extremely easy to use. The effect is very visible after use. It works best between the hair roots and the scalp. Choose a hairline shading   sponge that suits your hair color for better results.
  • Easy to Use : Turn the hair shadow   sponge, apply evenly to fill in the lines. Solve the problem of graying hair or thinning hair.
  • Instant Cover And Colour : Modify uneven hairline edges to blend well with hair color. You can apply in less than a minute to create the perfect hairstyle for going out. But no one will know that you are using them.

  • Multi-Purpose: The top of the hair   sponge is pressed content shockproof design, and the pen-shaped sponge puff is located at the bottom, which can be easily pulled out. The Hair Color Sponge not only fills in the hairline, but also fills in the brows, contours the face, forehead and other sides.
  • Hairline Filling Sponge Pen : This hair shading sponge pen can create a natural and tidy hairline, effectively fill the roots of the hairline, and blend with the hair color naturally. Convenient function, it can also beautify the curve of the forehead, fill and volume thin hair.
  • Waterproof and Mild : Hairline sponge is formulated with a naturally mild and highly pigmented fine hair powder mixture, which protects the roots of hair and creates naturally plump hair, suitable for all skin types. Soft , highly pigmented and easy to color, effectively cover gray roots, waterproof and long-lasting, can last all day.
  • Suitable for Public :  The design of hair shading sponge pen is suitable for beginners and professional makeup artists, and the natural formula is also suitable for all skin types.
  • Easy to Carry :The hairline sponge is small and exquisite, easy to carry, you can carry it with you and fill your hair at any time, or use it as a gift for friends and relatives who need it.

 How To Use
  • Step 1 :- Turn the hair shadow powder, then open the sponge tip on the other side
  • Step 2 :- Dip the sponge tip into the powder, and apply evenly to fill in the lines.
  • Step 3 :- Solve the problem of graying hair or thinning hair.

 Frequently Asked Questions
 1: Does it have any side effects?
2: Where it is made?
A: It is made in India
3 : Does this really work?
A Yes it really does!! It worked pretty good for us.

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